Master’s Degrees, Film Festivals and Life in General

I haven’t updated this in a while, and for that, I do apologise. I’ve been busy. Between trying to get a masters degree, living in my car for three hours a day every day and my first grad job, I’ve been swamped.

So let me catch you up. My MA is still, very much, go. But if you were to ask my lecturers, they’d probably express a deep concern that I’m not engaging. I am. I just can’t seem to find the time to actually type up the screeds of notes I’ve speed-written at my desk before work, sprawled across ten different notebooks. In part, this is because I can’t seem to find the time or the energy to think and right now, it seems like the most daunting task I’ve ever undertaken, just to pull all of these different strands together into a coherent argument and a strong body of work. But the work’s there. I’ve thought about it, read about it, thought about it some more. But I don’t feel ready, or even feel like sharing it.

In all honesty, I’m just tired and sick of wasting time on things that are never going to bear some semblance of a benefit to me. And if you drill that down, that extends to emails or drafts I’d rather keep to myself. I’m happy working on this on my own until it comes to fruition. In my weary state, with no time to think, that is probably the biggest conclusion I’ve drawn from the experience of working on this project. It’s an important life lesson too. You need to invest in things that benefit you, and take care of you.

But it’s not all bad. The project itself has taken an exciting turn. Born from the discovery that, prior to its film adaptation, ‘Filth’ had a short life on the stage. In the form of a one-man monologue. Truthfully, between this work – in all its iterations – and stories dominating news coverage today, I feel like I’ve found the perfect foundation for the next phase of telling the ‘Cultists’ story. It’s current form is a series of four monologues corresponding to my four, foul and unstable characters. And that, to me, is exciting.

And that’s what I’m saying. If I hadn’t got the sads one night and decided to take time out to watch ‘Filth’, I probably wouldn’t have decided to take the project in that particular direction.

I consider everything – experience – an important part of my process as a writer. From attending the Glasgow Film Festival this year (which I’ll try and keep you posted on), to my job; it all helps.

Probably the biggest piece of news I have to offer you is that I’ve landed my first graduate job. I don’t work as a writer, no, but I do work in film. Every day, I count my blessings for that; the proof that six years at university weren’t a waste of time. Even when I’m sitting in traffic on a Monday morning, I’m always looking forward to the day, not dreading it like I did with previous jobs. I’m in a good place.

Update done. Keep your eyes peeled for a riveting analysis of Wim Wenders’ latest cinematic offering, staring Glasgow’s finest, James McAvoy, and the stunning Alicia Vikander, ‘Submergence.’


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